2-In-1 Baby Sling Bag

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Carrying your baby is a healthy way to strengthen the bond between you and baby. They will hear you, feel you, and be comforted by your closeness, which reduces fussiness and makes for a happier baby. But whenever you’re in a rush, I bet you no longer have the time to strap your baby on a complicated baby carrier. No worries! We’ve made baby carrying 10x easier and more convenient for you and your baby, thanks to the 2-In-1 Baby Sling Bag!

  • DUAL PURPOSE – This is not just a regular bag because it combines 2 functionalities in one. It can be used as a baby sling bag to carry your baby anywhere you go and as a  belt or shoulder bag to store small items like your phone, keys, cash, and more with its zippered pouch.

  • ANTI-SLIP – Its inner is made with an anti-slip rubber which prevents your baby from slipping over especially when you’re on the move.

  • SOFT CUSHION – Its strap and body are equipped with soft cushion inside to provide an added comfort for your baby as you carry him/her around and to avoid fussiness.

  • ADJUSTABLE – Its trap is adjustable enough to adjust to your baby’s proportions and body for a more secure and slip-free fit. Also makes it easier for women and men of all size and shapes to wear it around comfortably.

  • HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE – Made with soft, breathable, yet durable material that is not only comfortable for your baby but also provides a long service life so you can continue to use it as your baby grows.

Carry your baby anywhere you go with the 2-In-1 Baby Sling Bag and make any errand and outdoor walks hassle-free!


Available Colors: Black / Blue / Army Green / Blue Bar / Pink / Khaki

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. 2-In-1 Baby Sling Bag

*NOTE: Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow 12-22 Days for delivery.*
Dear valued buyers, You know this product is a must-have, but if you try it out and you are not happy with it, let us know within 30 days and we will refund you for the full amount, Its that easy!.