500 pieces of nipple chicken

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These are high quality and accurate nipples made with German machinery, fine quality plastic, and stainless steel raw materials. They ensure better drinking water deliveries and last longer.

Each bag contains 100 or 500  pieces of nipples sealed within a transparent nylon.

Each nipple measures 3.8cm on average
chakra nipple and saddle.

  • Thread diameter: 10mm
  • Product length: 30mm
  • Water nozzle material: stainless steel
  • Other materials: ABS
  • color: red
  • Accessories: leak-proof gasket
  • Product Name: Chicken Drinker
  • Sales Specification Quantity: 100 or 500 pcs (choose your pack)
  • Packing: bag
  • Product weight: about 1550g (500 PCs)
  • Application object: chicken drink water
  • Installation method: use various sizes of PVC water pipes, directly after the drill hole can be fixed. It will not leak water, will not rust, save water, improve the efficiency of farming.