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8 Inch Japanese Knife

8 Inch Japanese Knife - Broadwaytrends shop

8 Inch Japanese Knife

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The Japanese Knife is a knife that no kitchen should be without! Culinary perfection combining award-winning craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, awe-inspiring design & the finest japanese materials available.

It's layered blade is crafted over 60 days with the same materials used to make ultrasharp Japanese samurais and katanas. With the Japanese Knife you'll feel like a slicing, dicing, filet mincing Ninja in your kitchen! 
The Japanese Knife represents peak performance at a cut price. Join the more than 50,000 people; chefs, students, avid home cooks and knife collectors who reach for their Japanese Knife EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The Japanese Knife is Ruthlessly Sharp...YOU Can Cut a Slice of Bread So Thin YOU Can Almost See Through It!
 The blade is sharpened to NANO precision, so it cuts through frozen food as though it were melted butter! It is so sharp it can cut through a tin can & still perfectly slice a tomato! 


  • Razor Sharp: the edge is hand finished to a mirror polish 12 degrees per side for maximum sharpness. Produced with raw Japanese scrutiny for detail. 
  • Non-Stick: Exquisite 67-layer Damascus pattern minimizes chances of food sticking to the blade
  • Stain & Rust Resistant: Go longer between sharpening - with a Japanese stainless steel core and Incredible Edge Retention at 62+ Rockwell, you'll be lucky to see the day where the Kituo™ needs sharpening.
  • Robust & Durable Handle: full-tang & ergonomically designed. Moisture, heat & impact resistant
  • Tapered Bolster: provides a perfect ‘zero-balance’, finger protection & encourages a natural, comfortable grip
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