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Accu-Cutter Drywall Tool

Accu-Cutter Drywall Tool - Broadwaytrending Shop

Accu-Cutter Drywall Tool

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Even a drywall "rookie" can get professional quality cuts! 

The most convenient drywall cutting tool that exists! Simple for anyone to use and eliminates the hassle of using noisy bulky cutting machines. Cut down your working time by 50%! Here are the benefits...

SAVE TIME AND EFFORT:  Delivers precise cuts each time with fewer do-overs. Gets the work done in half the time and energy you used to spend before. Eliminates the use of bulky machines.



SUITABLE FOR ANYONE TO USE: Appropriate for carpentering jobs or home improvement projects. This will serve all your DIY and professional needs. Tool is lightweight and operates cleanly, free of burrs and dust



MADE BY PROFESSIONALS: Designed with four bearings that keep the structure intact to bear pressure when cutting through thick drywall. Equipped with two non-slip grip handles to optimize the operator’s safety, it can be held comfortably for long hours and ensure the stability of the tool.

It comes with a Built-in measurement guide bar to increase or decrease the width of the cut required of the width that can be adjusted between 20 mm and 600 mm.




TOP QUALITY: Made from premium quality stainless steel and high-grade ABS, this drywall cutting tool is sturdily built and has a long service life. The ultra-sharp blades will withstand numerous jobs before they go blunt.



The New EZCUTTER™ drywall cutting tool makes rip cuts faster, straighter, smoother and with greater precision than any other method. Allows Quick, Straight, Repeated Cuts for Window Sills, Door Frames - Cut Strips and Long, Even Rips!  


Package list:
1 x Gypsum Board Cutter with Double Blade

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