Adjustable Multi Focus Eyeglasses

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  • Got poor eyesight?
    No more expensive trips to the optometrist...

    Save up your money and grab this very convenient
    Adjustable Multi Focus Eyeglasses!

    This autofocus optical lens is ALL you need!!!

    Self-adjusts to your vision needs...

    Offers 20/20 vision anytime, anywhere!

    Can adjust from .5 to 2.5 vision needs.

    Flex Focus Optic Science
    automatically adjusts to your visual needs!

    Perfect for those who are near-sighted and far-sighted!

    Enjoy clean and clear high-definition eyesight every time!

    No costly prescription and consultation needed...

    Unlike your normal eyeglasses, this one doesn't require any prescription to wear!

    The glasses will automatically identify your visual acuity and self-adjusts to your need!


    Made from a high-quality and durable resin material that does not break easily.

    Can last for a long period of time even if you use it everyday!



    No size compatibility required!

    Perfect for both male and female.

    Can be used by kids, adults, and seniors!

    Perfect for daily use at home, in the office, and even during special occasions!

    Level up your sight and save money from costly optometric consultations...
    A pair of this Adjustable Multi Focus Eyeglasses is a total lifesaver!

    View anything and everything clearly NOW!!