Adjustable Non-Slip Wig HeadBand

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  • Look Good & Feel Even Better!

    You’re out on the town, looking and feeling good, but your unit’s been putting up a fight. No one wants to be worrying about their wig when trying to have a good time. For us, a familiar thought comes to mind; there just has to be a better way.”

    Adjustable Non-Slip Wig HeadBand, Adjustable Non-Slip Wig HeadBand

    Introducing the Adjustable Non-Slip Wig Headband! This is the ultimate solution to ensure that wig stays put all night long!

    For your unit to stay secured in one place, it needs something to attach too, right? Traditional methods make use of clips, combs, tape, and a host of other things to attach your wig to your hair. And it all works.

    The catch is that securing to your hair comes at a cost. The constant stress and strain on your scalp and follicles is proven to lead to long-term hair damage. Thinning and even bald spots are well-documented side effects.

    Adjustable Non-Slip Wig HeadBand, Adjustable Non-Slip Wig HeadBand

    But the Adjustable Non-Slip Wig HeadBand provides an alternative. Instead of your hair, it provides a soft, velvet surface, with a deep interwoven structure, for your wig to securely attach too. The tiny fibers on your wig hook into the headband and make for a powerful grip!

    Adjustable Non-Slip Wig HeadBand, Adjustable Non-Slip Wig HeadBand

    The Adjustable Non-Slip Wig HeadBand is completely washing-machine safe and engineered to withstand heavy use. It’s highly adjustable and fits all head circumferences, so whether your head is big, small, or average, the Adjustable Non-Slip Wig HeadBand will provide a perfect fit!

    There’s no irritation, no mess, no fuss. Just strap it on and get ready like normal! Why make looking and feeling good harder than it has to be?

    Material: Double-sized crushed velvet material

    Length: 55cm (Stretched length 70cm)

    Width: 6 cm in the middle, 4.5 cm at the sides

    Head size measure: 45cm-56cm (22.5inch)