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Toilet Bidet Seat Sprayer Dual Nozzle Washer

Toilet Bidet Seat Sprayer Dual Nozzle Washer - Broadwaytrending Shop

Toilet Bidet Seat Sprayer Dual Nozzle Washer

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Due to the recent pandemic, people immediately start panic-buying all daily necessities like food, beverages, and even toilet paper. So if you’re running out of toilet paper, you don’t have to fight over getting one for the family. Instead, switch from wiping with an expensive toilet paper to cleaning with fresh water with the SumātoBidet™! Toilet Seat Sprayer Adjustable Dual Nozzle Retrofit Butt Wash Bidet

  • NOZZLE SYSTEM – Features a dual-nozzle with two modes (nozzle cleaning and washing) which you can alternately use with just an easy switch. Also allows you to adjust the water pressure depending on your cleaning needs.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY – By spraying your butt with water and not wiping, it cuts your paper toilet usage by 80%. Thus, it’s not only helping you save money and health but it also saves the planet every time you poop.

  • EASY INSTALLATION – No electricity, plumbing, or special tools needed! It easily installs to you toilet bowl (including two separated hole and round bowls) as it comes with all necessary parts and simple instructions to get started.

No more fighting over toilet paper! Stop wiping and start washing now with the SumātoBidet™!


Material: ABS

Hole Distance: 11CM-20.7CM

Size: 44.5 cm * 23.5 cm * 9.0 cm

Net Weight: 560g

    Package Inclusion/s: 1 set SumātoBidet™ includes Retractable Nozzle, Braided Metal Hose, Teflon Tape, Brass Valve, & Instruction Manual

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