All-Purpose Rinse-Free Cleaning Spray

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Make Your Car Interiors Look Like New One!

Wish to have a new car because it looks too old? This Universal Car Interior Cleaning Agent is what you need to clean all the old dirts!

Car Interior Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Car Cleaner

It is specially designed according to your need by adding a deep and rich beauty to your car's interior surfaces.

Simple and easy to use. Keeps your car clean from all the dirt and debris that finds its way inside your car's interior.

Easily remove even ground-in dirt and grime. Wipes won't dry out, damage or fade.


  • SAFE: It is environmental protection, safe and non-toxic.
  • PROTECT: Fights fading, aging, cracking, and provides UV protection. Their wipes are perfect for your car's dash, vinyl, consoles, leather and more.
  • RESTORE: Bring your car back to that "like new" feel. Adds deep, rich beauty to dashes, and other interior surfaces. They also renew and revitalize vinyl, rubber, and plastic.
  • FRESH: Keeps your car clean from all the dirt and debris that finds its way inside your car's interior. Easily remove even ground-in dirt and grime. Wipes won't dry out, damage or fade.
  • DEEP CLEANING: It deeply cleans the leather surface and maintains the leather goods. It increases the brightness while offering effective cleaning.


  • Weight: 200ML
  • Storage Condition: Cool & dry place.


  • 1PC x Car Interior Cleaning Agent