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All-Weather Indestructible Tactical Jacket

All-Weather Indestructible Tactical Jacket - Broadwaytrends shop

All-Weather Indestructible Tactical Jacket

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Don't let any weather condition stop you from doing what you have to do...

This All-Weather Indestructible Tactical Jacket will NEVER be destroyed!

100% Military-Grade Heavy Duty Soft Shell Fabric

Ultra Resistant to cuts, burns, tears, heat, water or wind!

Designed to withstand inclement weather for those who spend so much time outdoors.

Protects you from ANY cold or harsh environmental factor.

Keeps you sheltered from heat, rain, wind or snow!

    Tons of Convenient Pockets for concealed carry...

    There’s enough room for ALL your stuff!

    Lightweight & Breathable with Zip Vents

    Ventilated Armpit Design won't get you sweaty or muggy!

    Perfect for hiking, rough riding, rock climbing,
    camping, fishing or even just for casual wear...

    Guaranteed ultimate in quality, functionality, and design!

    Consider it a wardrobe staple! It's one practical piece
    that serves its purpose when it comes to functionality, style, and aesthetics.

    Fully Customizable

    You can even personalize it to your style!


    Size Suitable Weight (KG)  Sleeve (CM) Length (CM) Bust (CM)
    S 50 - 60 57 69 102
    M 60 - 70 60 71 110
    L 70 - 80 57 73 112
    XL 80 - 85 60 74 114
    XXL (2XL) 85 - 90 64 78 122
    XXXL (3XL) 90 - 100 66 80 126


    Available Sizes: S — 3XL
    Available Colors: Black / Gray / Army Green / Khaki
    Gender: Unisex
    Material/s: DNTEX Soft Shell Fabric, Polyester, Cotton, Fleece

    Be UNSTOPPABLE whatever the weather and wherever you are...

    This All Weather Indestructible Tactical Jacket won't let you down! Wear yours NOW!!

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