Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator

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Kills pathogenic bacteria that harm aquatic life!

Bacteria may cause harm to your pets, aquatic plants as well as your own health. 

Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator, Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator

The Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator effectively keeps your fish tanks clean resulting in a healthier environment for everybody. This suppresses algae formation that promotes better growth of aquatic plants. 

Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator, Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator

  • More plants mean more oxygen is produced for carbon dioxide and ammonia absorption released by your fish pets. 
  • Maintains the freshwater’s ph level that is most favorable for aquatic life. 
  • Kills pathogenic bacteria that harm aquatic life
  • Because of its cleaning efficiency, you’ll no longer need to clean your fish tanks often. Makes you save on maintenance cost.
The Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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