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You wouldn’t go to the gym without water? Nor should your dog while out exercising.

Aqua Leash is a stylish leash for dogs that includes four built-in items that you’d otherwise need to carry in your hands or in a bag while walking your canine. These items include a water bowl made from food-grade silicone, a water dispenser that holds 350 milliliters of water, a dispenser for waste bags and a hook for used waste bags. 

Aqua Leash, Aqua Leash

This is no ordinary leash. Considerable thought went into designing this ergonomically engineered unit, not only did it need to perfectly contain these 5 essential pet walking must-haves but also feel amazing to hold.

Aqua Leash, Aqua Leash

The Aqua Leash includes Leash, Water Bottle, Waste bag dispenser and a Hook for used waste bags.

  • LEASH:Made from double-strength nylon and a solid steel safety catch comes in 16.5 FT length and a can-do attitude that handles whatever life throws at it.
  • WATER CONTAINER:A conveniently stored water bottle complete with a drip-resistant cap holds 350ml.
  • BOWL:A collapsible water bowl clips in neatly on the side of the unit and hold 250ml.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS:Aqua Leash is constructed from high-quality materials and is designed for easy use.
  • WASTE BAGS:The waste bag dispenser ensures you always have waste bags on hand for easy pickups.
  • HOOK:A handy hook for filled waste bags means no more messy bags to carry.

We know you are absolutely going to love owning an Aqua Leash so much, that you’ll want to buy one for your friends and family.


Size: 22x16x5.5 CM

Material: Plastic

The Aqua Leash is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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