Aqua Life Algae Growth Purifier

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  • Control Algae growth in your fish pond and fish tank! 

    Turn muddy green into crystal clear water with the Aqua Life Algae Purifier. 


    This helps remove stubborn algae 100%!

    • With natural purifying function that controls green water
    • Prevents growth of green, brown, red and blue-green algae

    Breaks down algae & dissolves unwanted organisms

    • By adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes, all types of algae are broken down and dissolved. 
    • Inhibits unwanted organisms from thriving

    Disinfects to enhance a healthy environment for fishes

    • Removes harmful bacteria to ensure that your fishes and aquatic plants live healthy under water
    • Clearer fish tank means healthier and happier fishes!

    Long-lasting effect lessens maintenance

    • Lessens frequency of changing the water
    • Makes you save time, energy and water

    Safe for everyone

    • Proven safe on your health, your fishes and the environment


    Net weight: 120ML

    Let aquatic life flourish with the Aqua Life Algae Purifier.