Arc-Pro® Mini Master Welder Portable - DURABLE

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  • The Welder’s Choice For A STICK/TIG Package! 

    Get The Best In Class Welder With The Highest Efficiency Run Times And Current Stabilization.
    The Mini Welder Achieves Such Outstanding Results By Utilizing Advanced IGBT Inverter Technology To Provide You With A Portable Powerhouse Of A Machine!


    With an efficiency rate of 92% and a power factor of 0.9, you’re guaranteed total satisfaction with the efficiency and productivity of your mini welder. Big things come in small packages with the Mini Welder.


    With the small nature of the Mini Welder, you won’t ever have to worry about bulky or heavy machinery. Reduce noise while improving efficiency with this incredible energy-saving technology!

    Advanced IGBT Technology

    The Mini Welder's highly advanced and intelligent digital display control system is simple to use and is sure to help make your project a breeze!

    This Mini Welder was designed with very little splash characteristics as well as a stable current output for consistent results.

    Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor technology ensures the stability and power of your Mini Welder. This design allows for less voltage intake while keeping up a high level of power conversion.



    Digital Display

    The advanced digital display included with the Mini Welder makes for easy adjustments in current and conditions. The features of this intelligent display were designed for optimal, dynamic options for any project.

    High-Frequency Inverter

    Faster arc times and lowered welding splashing allow for precision and excellent performance in your Mini Welder. Keep your projects always moving forward with technology that doesn’t stop!


    Rated input power capacity: 25KVA

    Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

    Efficiency: 92%

    Power factor: 0.9

    Protection grade: IP21

    Welding rod diameter: 1.6-2.5mm

    Suitable material: stainless steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel. The best welding plate thickness: 2-6mm
    Arc Current:20-250A
    Pulse Frequency:50/60HZ
    Pilot Arc Current:20-250A

    Package includes:

    1x Mini Welder

    2 x quick plug

    1 x wrench

    1 x Strap

    1 x Manual  


    The operation of the Mini Welder is the sole responsibility of the user.