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  • Spinning the hula hoop is calorie-consuming aerobic exercise. First, you need to spin all the time.But it is difficult to do it, especially for beginner.
    Did you ever have the follow experience when you try to spin a general hula hoop?
    Lets you train your abs and waistline without manually spinning with the Auto spinning hula-hoop trainer! With the magnetic ball, the centrifugal force auto-spins the hula hoop with little effort, but all the same results.It applies 360° pressure to effectively train your abs and trim your waistline. Only need to adjust the size according to your waist size until the hula hoop can’t drop. You can spin it all the time.

    The new hula hoop that does not fall, is light and simple, does not occupy a place, and is easy to play. 
    There are massage waist and abdomen, slimming, cleansing the intestines and helping digestion. 
    The product is made of industrial quality materials, which can be easily deformed to achieve the purpose of being suitable for various waist circumferences.
    The belt consists of sections, which can be split and reorganized to adjust the size to fit the waist.
    Counter installation
    The weight counter has a standard installation method and position. It should be installed according to the standard, otherwise the counter cannot be used normally.
    • Type: Smart Counting Hula Hoop
    • Quantity: 1PC
    • Material: ABS
    • Color: Black and Orange
    • Diameter: Waist 60-105 cm (adjustable)
    • Package size: 20*20*8cm/7.86*7.86*3.14inch
    • Net Weight:400g/14.11oz
    • 1 * Smart Counting Hula Hoop