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Automatic Tape Dispenser

Automatic Tape Dispenser

Automatic Tape Dispenser

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Automatic tape dispenser: can stretch the tape to determine the length at will and automatically cut the tape.

Usage Instructions:


1. Hold the tape dispenser with one hand.
2. Press the handle will automatically eject adhesive tape.
3. Align the front roller with the target surface (better effect use in flat or smooth areas), hold the tape dispenser and attach it.
4. Pull out the required length according to your needs.
5. Release the handle, the adhesive tape will cut off automatically.



Made of high quality plastic material, lightweight and not easy to rust. Ergonomically streamlined design, comfortable grip and effortless.

Concealed blades, no need to worry about hand injuries, safer to use.

High-quality conveyor belt and rotating shaft, smooth tape output.

The translucent protective cover makes it easy to watch adhesive tape usage at any time.




Material: Plastic
Suitable for tape width: ≤ 1.6in
Size: 7.09in x 1.18in x 3.54in


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