Automatic Wind Power 8 LED Car Light One Set of 2 PCS

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Totally Wind-driven!

No More Wiring, No More Batteries

It can be used in cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles. When the car is driving, the airflow drives the blades to generate electricity to make the products shine, green and environmentally friendly. The wind is used to drive the wind wheels of the products. The faster the speed, the lights will flash. The brighter it is.

  • Instructions: Use the wind power generated when driving. When the speed is up to 30 km/h, the LED lights will light up, which makes your driving safe.
  • Functions: 8 high brightness LED lights, energy-saving, long lifespan;
  • Accessories: Equipped with strong double-sided adhesive tapes. Easy installation without wiring.
  • Features: Integrated design, small size, compact structure.
  • Waterproof design: No need to worry about water problems, even if the entire circuit board is soaked in water. The LED lights will come out with the fan rotating.
  • Note: 
     Don't install this product on any rotational part of the vehicle. 


Integrated design, small size, compact structure, new appearance.Waterproof design. There is no need to worry about water ingress, even if the entire board is immersed in water, the fan will turn and the LED will be bright.


Automatic set wind power light 8 LED,fog lights(1 PAIR)