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Automotive Glass Coating Agent

Automotive Glass Coating Agent - Broadwaytrends shop

Automotive Glass Coating Agent

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Say no more to dirt, oil, water spots or streaks on glasses. Get glass surfaces as clean as a whistle with this Mighty Glass Cleaner.

Effortlessly apply on and rinse with water, it works well to clean mirrors, glass windows, glass furniture, car windshields and sunroofs, and many more!

Keep your vision clean, while the streak-free, ammonia-free formula has no damage to your glasses.



  • Specially formulated liquids: ammonia-free and environmentally-friendly

  • Effectively clean: removes water spots, grease, dirt, streaks, dead insects and even plants saps

  • Fast and easy to use: simply apply on and rinse with water

  • Multi-purpose: ideal for mirrors, glass windows, glass furniture, car windshields and sunroofs, and others.



Capacity: 150ml 


1 x Mighty Glass Cleaner

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