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You want to your kids spend a lot of time on the tablet, cell phone or on television. Are you looking for a fun and useful toy?

The Balloons Car Toy is a great choice! It is a new and high-quality filler balloon racer, adopts scientific and physical design. It uses aerodynamics to promote environmental protection and energy-saving without having to use the battery.
This is a great DIY toy for kids, not only can enjoy themselves, but also can learn some scientific knowledge, and improve their hands-on ability.


  • Toys that can be played while playing, use aerodynamic principles to propel the car forward.
  • Using aerodynamic technology can promote environmental protection and energy savings without the use of batteries.
  • Ideal gift for children.
Package Includes:
  • 1 * Inflatable tube
  • 2 * car
  • 6 * balloon
  • No original box, save shipping and provide better prices