Bias Tape Maker Kit

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Sewing just got easier with Bias Tape Maker Kit!

Bias Tape Maker Kit, Bias Tape Maker Kit (16 Pcs)

Create your own bias tape with our Bias Tape Maker Kit. Your creation will look professional with a clean-finished product from homemade napkins, handbag, bibs and etc. Simple and easy!

Bias tape maker kit is all necessary equipment to offer convenience and versatility needed for professional or beginner DIY use.

Bias Tape Maker Kit, Bias Tape Maker Kit (16 Pcs)


  1. First, cut the end of your fabric off at an angle, feed your bias strip reverse side up into the bias maker, then use the awl to pull the fabric through.
  2. Use a pin to secure the bias to an ironing board, then iron down, the small handle on the bias maker will help you pull with on hand and iron with the other
  3. After you finish the tape, you can use the foot to sewing.

Bias Tape Maker Kit, Bias Tape Maker Kit (16 Pcs)

Material: Steel

Package includes: 1pc of 1/4″(6mm) GREEN, 1/2″(12mm) YELLOW, 3/4″(18mm) RED, 1″ (25mm) BLUE, 1 PC Awl,1 PC #6290 Adjustable Bias Binder Foot Snap On.

The Bias Tape Maker Kit is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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