Camera Ski Goggles

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  • Record the best moments of your skiing trip with nothing more than a pair of goggles!

    Capture the highlights of your trip from amazing tricks and stunts as well as equally amusing fallsGet amazing materials for an after-movie without using a phone camera or other bulky, inconvenient ones.Camera Ski Goggles, Camera Ski GogglesShoot high-quality 1080p videos non-stop and have them all on your SD card at the end of the day. Not only do these goggles provide you with great memories, but they also protect your eyes so you can have the best skiing experience.

    • CAPTURE PERFECT MOMENTS: Next time you hit the slopes make sure you bring this camera ski-goggles to capture the amazing tricks as well as the hilarious falls.
    • DON’T RISK BREAKING YOUR PHONE: Instead of getting your phone out to film, focus on your ride rather than operating the camera and still get perfect videos, photos, and audio.

    Camera Ski Goggles, Camera Ski Goggles

    • PLENTY OF MEMORY FOR YOUR RIDES: Insert an SD card into the goggles to enjoy a care-free experience skiing and simultaneously document every part of your winter adventure.
    • A SNUG PROTECTIVE FIT: Don’t worry about your goggles fogging as you traverse down the mountain, these will protect your eyes from wind and snow as well as the sun.

    Battery Type: Lithium-ion polymer

    Power source: 1050 mAh (AA-size)

    Weight: 301 g – 400 g

    Battery Capacity: 1050 mAh

    Sensor Size (inches): 1/4 inches