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Car Neon Rhythm Flash Lamp Sticker

Car Neon Rhythm Flash Lamp Sticker - Broadwaytrending Shop

Car Neon Rhythm Flash Lamp Sticker

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Listening to music in the car will be very fun!



Sound-activated colorful LED lights car sticker, made of ultra-thin LED cold light film.



Luminous uniform soft,not glare,no flicker,no radiation,colorful.



  • Harmless – no ultraviolet rays are produced and no adverse effects on the human body.
  • Low power consumption – it will emit light when the power is very low, and the power consumption is milliwatt.

  • No heat – Cold light source, no temperature rise when working, and the working temperature is lower than that of fluorescent lamps.
  • The light is even and soft – its light does not flicker, and it will not cause tension and fatigue in the eyes.

Type: Car Music Rhythm Light Kit

Material: Plastic

Input Voltage: DC 12V

Connection Cable Length: Approx. 3m

Car Charger Cable Length: Approx. 1.9m

Size: 45*11cm,90*10cm,90*25cm

Package includes: 1*Car Music Rhythm Light, 1*Controller with Ribbon cable, 1*Car Charger with Cable

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