Carbon Fiber Phone Tripod

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  • It discreetly hides away in your wallet or purse until you need it, and quickly transforms into an adjustable tripod with a simple twist and flip!

    Carbon Fiber Phone Tripod, Carbon Fiber Phone Tripod

    Carbon fiber legs, angle indicator, soft-contact grip, and fluid tilt adjustment are all packed into the same space as two stacked credit cards.

    Carbon Fiber Phone Tripod, Carbon Fiber Phone Tripod

    The Phone Tripod has a swivel that is compatible with most of the popular phone cases on the market, works with both iOS andAndroid devices.

    Carbon Fiber Phone Tripod, Carbon Fiber Phone Tripod

    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Works with any phone or case thinner than 1/2 inches (12.5 mm)
    • PERFECT FORSelfies, Time-lapse, Long Exposure Photography, Light Paintings, Light streaks, low-light imaging, vlogs on the go, travel videos, group selfies, live videos and video calls, even watching movies before bed or on the plane.
    • CARBON FIBER legs for pro-level stability. ADJUSTABLE tilt angle like a full-size tripod. 
    • EASY TO OPERATE: Just a twist and flip transforms the Tripod from a card into a fully adjustable tripod for your mobile device.

    Material: carbon fiber

    Color: black, white, blue-black

    Size: 8.5*5.4cm/3.34*2.12’’(L*W)

    Net weight: 9g/0.32oz

    Package includes: 1 x Carbon Fiber Phone Tripod