Carbon Steel Outdoor Survival Trekking Pole

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  • This Carbon Steel Outdoor Survival Trekking Pole is the perfect defensive aid in the wild or in the neighborhood!


    Use it for self-defense or as a support while walking. Instantly fold it when needed. This will not take too much space in your backpack when traveling.


    Weighs only 390g which is lesser than a mineral bottle! Carry it around all the time!


    Very comfortable to hold with ergonomic features. You will really feel the difference when using this on long hikes or daily walks.


    You can connect many tubes as you want. You can connect it according to your length preference.


    Can also be used as a trecking pole. Also functions as a knife, whistle, ice ax, fork, screwdriver, and a compass! A necessary tool for outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, traveling, etc. Keep it always to protect yourself in emergencies!


    • Perfect for hiking, trekking, camping, etc...
    • Can be used by both male and female!
    • Adjustable pole height depending on your preference.
    • Can be used in all kinds of terrain.
    • Perfect walking stick or even a weapon in emergency situations.



    Color: Silver

    Weight: 390g

    Size: 102cm x 2.2cm

    Options: 4 tubes, 5 tubes, 6 tubes, 7 tubes, 8 tubes

    in the Package: 1pc. Defense Tactical Walking Stick

    What are you waiting for? Grab this Carbon Steel Outdoor Survival Trekking Pole and level up your outdoor experience NOW!!