Classic Banana Hair Clip

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  • Have your thick hair hold on its place without damaging it with ponytail pressure.

    Do you have thick hair that regular pins and clips cannot hold on to? Worry no more as we have a special product for you! Bringing back the CLASSIC BANANA HAIR CLIP!

    Classic Banana Hair Clip is a STYLISH OLD SCHOOL HAIR ACCESSORY that is made for THICK HAIRS that are HARD to CLIP by a regular hair clip. This BARETTE is NON-SLIP and can EFFECTIVELY MAKE a HIGH or LOW PONYTAIL without making your hair look PUFFY. It has STURDY COMB PIN-LIKE TEETH that can GRAB SECURELY your HAIR and LET it STAY IN PLACE. It is SUPER ELASTIC that it can STRETCH COMFORTABLY to be ABLE to COVER ALL your HAIR.

    Classic Banana Hair Clip is PAINLESS and SAFE to HAIR. It DOES NOT PUT PRESSURE to the HAIR to PROTECT it from getting DAMAGED. It is SUITABLE for ALL HAIR COLORS. It is PERFECT for THICK HAIR, CURLY HAIR, WAVY HAIR, and COMBINATION. It comes in DIFFERENT STYLISH COLORS: Black, Blue, Pink, and Beige.

    Vintage Banana Hair Clip


    Classic Banana Hair Clip


    • Size: 20 tooth comb 8x7cm 30 tooth comb 12.5x8cm
    • Colors: black, blue, pink and beige
    Package list:

    1 x 20 comb Hair Clip

    1 x 30 comb Hair Clip