Collapsible Wire Basket

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Cool and inventive fruit basket!

From a simple fruit basket to more modern funky shapes, you can change the whole look just by pushing on the sides! It’s unique and stands out.

Collapsible Wire Basket, Collapsible Wire Basket

It’s so flexible that you can adjust the size or shape as you like, flexible wire basket lets you create your own design.

It is kind of stiff so it will stay the way you make it, very high quality, is a practical product.
Open the basket when you use it, and you can put some fruits or vegetables in it, and when it is emptyjust collapse it for easy storage.

Collapsible Wire Basket, Collapsible Wire Basket

In addition to being used as a fruit basket, this product can also be used to decorate a room and decorate the bar. It is a nice ornament!

Size: 31 × 31 × 3cm

Can be used: as a basket, plate, fruit bowl and much more

Material: Iron art

Package include:1PC Metal Storage Basket