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Color Changing Golden Toad Tea Pet

Color Changing Golden Toad Tea Pet

Color Changing Golden Toad Tea Pet

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How Do You Use A Tea Pet?

When steeping yourself some tea, you can actually feed your tea pet some as well. This is when it becomes more like a pet, something you have to raise and take care of.

To do so, you simply pour some tea over it, making sure to cover it entirely and that’s it! If you wish, you can use a tea brush to “pet” the surface and distribute the tea evenly.

Here’s where the fun part comes! Color-changing golden toad, hot water above 45°, can change color after topping it.

The golden toad, a great tool for prosperity and a symbol of wealth, is a three-legged toad, which is different from what we see in daily life. Three feet, the Big Dipper on the back, two strings of copper coins on the back, Tai Chi and two rituals on the top of the head, prosperous wealth and evil spirits, the beast under the sacred bangs, can enhance the wealth of the folk residents, so it belongs to the prosperous beast.

The details of this tea pet are detailed and lifelike. The golden toad will change color when poured in hot water, Pour cold water to restore the color. full of fun. It can be used as a tea pet, play, and decoration.

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