Cozy & Comfy Sleeved Blanket

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Never catch a cold with kicked-away blankets!

  • This Cozy & Comfy Sleeved blanket can be worn like a shirt! 

    Wearable design with a secured zipper

    • Has armholes and sleeves where you can place your arms

    • With back zipper to ensure blanket does not fall off

    • Stays tucked and snug with any movement

  • Soft and thick cotton for extra comfort

    • Soft, smooth cotton duvet & fluffy polyester fillers

    • Thick enough for the winter season, you'll feel like you're being hugged
    • Machine wash ready
    • Maintains its shape even after wash

    Folds neatly away into a huggable pillow!

    • Fold it into a throw pillow too! 
    • Can be used as a secret storage

  • Ideal while lounging at the couch or bed during chilly Winter!

    • Allows you to use your arms while you're warm and cozy

    • Play games or read books without losing your blanket

    You don't have to leave your blanket yet if you still need its warmth. Stay warm, cozy & protected from chilly nights with the Cozy & Comfy Sleeved Blanket!

    Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Cozy & Comfy Sleeved Blanket.

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