Crystal Clear Headlight Polish

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    Do you want an easy way to protect your car from dirt and scratches?

    The Ceramic Glass Coating will give you the result of the top of the line waxes as far as the polish, protection, sleekness, water sheeting and all that, but instead of lasting just a month, it lasts years! It forms a candy glaze like coating on top of your vehicle's paint. It is a super thin but extremely hard protective shell. Makes it easy for you to clean your vehicle without causing scratches.



    ✔ Strong Protective Layer Above Anti-Scratch Improved
    ✔ Fine and Flame Retardant
     Anti Corrosion and Antioxidant
    ✔ Insulation property
    ✔ Anti-acids and salts
    ✔ Anti Bird Poop
    ✔ Anti mud & dirt
    ✔ Excellent high glass effect-mirror finish
    ✔ Anti Calcium Effect
    ✔ UV – Weather Protection

    How To Apply:

    1. Wrap the cloth over coating sponge
    2. Put coat liquid on the cloth
    3. Spread the liquid on the car
    4. Use a towel to wipe and polish

    9H Headlight Cleaning Polish can also be APPLIED to PROTECT your CAR’S PAINT from FIVE FACTORS of AUTOMOBILE AGING: Scratch, Stain, UV Light, Rain, Dust. It has a PH TOLERANCE of PH2-12. It is SAFE and NON-TOXIC. It BRINGS BACK the GLOW of your CAR while PROTECTING it 100%. It is EASY to FAST to APPLY. This MIGHTY CLEANER is NOT RECOMMENDED, or CAN NOT BE USED with the CAR REFURBISHMENT SET or ANY CAR ATOMIZER CLEANER.

    Package Includes:

    ✔ 1 x Ceramic Glass Coating
    ✔ 1 x Sponge
    ✔ 1 x towel
    ✔ 1 x User Manual 

    Grab your Pro Best Ceramic Car Coating while the BIG DISCOUNT is on.