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Easy Sandblaster

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Easy Sandblaster

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Are you looking for a strong sandblaster at half the size?


Look no more! The Easy Sandblaster is here! 

Gets rid of rust, paint and dirt in no time without the bulkiness of a regular sandblasting machines!

Its high operating pressure does the job fast!

Lets you adjust airflow according to your preferred strength.

With ergonomic design for total control and comfortable sandblasting.

Allows you to sandblasts even hard to reach areas.

You can load it with sand and other material

With a lightweight body that's perfect for handheld operation.


Make Sandblasting Swift & Easy! Get the Easy Sandblaster Now!   



Material/s: Aluminum (Body), Steel (Nozzle) & Plastic (Funnel)
Size: 308 mm x 262 mm
Color: Red
Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Easy Sandblaster 

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