Elastic Car Trunk Organizer Strap

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Disorganized trunk looks like a jungle!

Organize your messy car in a snap with this Elastic Car Trunk Organizer Strap!

These functional straps hold ANYTHING firmly onto the car, allowing you to see everything at once!

Self-adhesive Elastic Band – Secure all the needed stuff NEATLY with its heavy-duty 3M Velcro straps. It firmly attaches to any suede or carpeted surface.


Eliminates Sliding Hazard - Rest assured all things in the cargo are safe and secured! Also gets rid of those rattling sounds even on bumpy or windy roads.

Organize in a breeze - Just attach the back hook fastener to the carpet of your trunk or any Suede surface, then put all your items in between the elastic strap.

Comes in standard Handy sizes – Strap in any shape, size or form. From bulky luggage, liquids, sports ball, First Aid Kit, toolbox, small clutter, and all other auto essentials.

Its elastic band is divided by a seam into multiple divisions to let you have a section for everything you need.

Hard-wearing, Durable Nylon and Velcro Well-built, quality top-stitching and tear-resistant construction. It’s designed to be used repeatedly!

Suitable for all car trunks – A perfect fit for any automobile such as hatchbacks, SUVs, Trucks, Crossovers, Minivans, Sedans, Jeeps, Off-road vehicles and many more.

De-clutter your trunk space and always have a tidy car whenever you travel with this Elastic Car Trunk Organizer Strap! Be sure to get yours TODAY!

Material: Nylon, Velcro
Available Colors: Blue / Black
Available Length: 60cm / 80cm
Package Inclusion/s 1 pc. Elastic Car Trunk Organizer Strap