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Electric Fabric Defuzzer

Electric Fabric Defuzzer - Broadwaytrends shop

Electric Fabric Defuzzer

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You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to renew your knitwear!

Electric Fabric Defuzzer gently removes fuzz, lint and pilling without damaging your old garments. Simply glide it over the fabric surface for smooth and even results.

Electric Fabric Defuzzer, Electric Fabric Defuzzer

The large defuzzer head and easy-grip handle makes shaving quick and comfortable. Catch the unwanted matted fibers from sweaters, clothing, furniture and upholstery in the detachable storage box. Cleaning has never been such convenient.

Electric Fabric Defuzzer, Electric Fabric Defuzzer

  • Not too large, suitable size to take with you when you travel or have business trip, etc. 
  • Safe rechargeable battery drive mode, don’t worry about direct voltage risk. 
  • 1200mAh insert battery, can use 30 minutes. 
  • Protection metal cover, once the metal cover is opened, the machine would stop, to protect your fingers or kids from danger.

Electric Fabric Defuzzer, Electric Fabric Defuzzer

  • By removing the lint and pills, you can keep clothing and furniture clean and flat.
  • Simply turn it on, and run the perforated head over the surface of the item you wish to shave.
  • Detachable lint pills clamber, easy and convenient to clean. 
  • Fuzz, lint and pills are suctioned into the holes, cut off by the rotating blade and then deposited into the lint chamber.

Machine Main Body: Engineering ABS.
Machine Blade: Stainless Steel.

Rated Power: 5W

Charge Voltage: 220V, 50HZ

Plug Type: US

Charging Time: ~8hours

Color: Pink

Size: 7.2cm x 12cm x 5cm – 2.83inch x 4.72inch x 1.97inch.

Package Included: 1 x Lint Remover(Rechargeable), Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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