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Electric Fine Feather Duster

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Electric Fine Feather Duster

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When cleaning, do you feel like you're just moving dust particles from one place to the next every time you pull out the duster or cloth? Step up your cleaning game! Regular dusters ad cleaning cloths are things from the past! To make your cleaning duty 5x faster and easier, what you need is a tool that draws dust to them -- almost like magnets. You can do that with the revolutionary cleaning power of the Electric Fine Feather Duster!

  • ELECTROSTATIC ABSORPTION – As it rotates, it generates static electricity through its fibers which then effectively absorbs and allows dust to cling onto the fibers instead of pushing them aside, making it convenient and hassle-free as compared to the traditional dust removal methods.

  • FIBER BRISTLES – Created with multiple fine-fiber bristles that gently removes dust off and are soft enough to not cause any damage to the surface or remove the delicate paint.

  • EXQUISITE MOTOR – With a hurricane-type rotation, it’s powered with an exquisite motor that rotates up to 3000x in just 1 minute to provide a strong cleaning functionality at home.

  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT – With its soft, fluffy design, it slides easily to every nook and cranny and even on spaces your hands can't get into and conforms to intricate gaps and extremely delicate home pieces without any effort. 

  • EXTENDABLE – Can be extended up to 45cm which allows you to clean everything in height without the need to pull out ladders.

  • WIDE USAGE – Can be used in various ways such as a ceiling fan cleaner, blind cleaner, mini blind duster, pet hair duster, cobweb duster, baseboard cleaner, for expensive antiques and furniture and in between books, shelving, plants, blinds, electronics, and delicate collectibles. 

Attract and pick up all dust and dirt in every nook and cranny with Electric Fine Feather Duster and make cleaning fun & hassle-free!


Material: ABS + PP + Nylon Wire

Net Weight: 410g

Power: Alkaline Battery

Package Inclusion/s: 1 set Electric Fine Feather Duster (with 2 duster heads, 2 extension poles, and 3 attachments)

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