Fast Acting Wood Scratch Repair (2 PCs)

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  • Is your wooden furniture looking nightmarish? Thinking of buying another set?

    But wait!  What if you don't have to?

    Effortlessly erase all scratches on your wooden furniture! Or any wooden fixtures!

    This remover set instantly covers nicks, scuffs, and discoloration on any wood furniture including floor, cabinets, tables, beds and more. 2 colors included per set - Easy blend into any wood color for the perfectly invisible fix.

    Make your old and drab furniture look shiny and brand new again with the revolutionary Fast- Acting Wood Scratch Repair!

    • Fills in and Coats over any nicks, scuffs, and discoloration in an instant! Restoring your furniture in the blink of an eye!

    • It also has a Water-Proof and Anti-Fading formula protecting your furniture forever!
    • Extremely easy to use! - Just Spray and Wipe away!

    • It also comes with Two Different ColorsLight and Dark, that you can perfectly blend to achieve the exact color you wanted!
    • Perfect for any Type of Wood Surfaces! Works great with furniturefloors, and even wooden walls!

    • Save money AND your wooden surfaces!

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    Get yours NOW and Restore the beauty of your wooden furniture and your home!