Fluid Hose Clamp (3pcs)

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It might be annoying and frustrating to deal with the oil leakage from the hose when working on cars. With the use of Fluid Hose Clamp, hose removal is nearly effortless. By putting the clamp over the hose, it will automatically lock the oil flow and you can pull out the hose for the repair process.

Fluid Hose Clamp can do all of the works for you with convenience and ease. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or just like to maintain and repair cars, this fluid hose clamp will transform the way you do what you do.


  • Includes 3 heat-resistant nylon pliers for closing off flexible hoses. These pliers can lock into position leaving your hands free to repair. Not for use on rigid, reinforced, or high pressure lines.
  • Unique designed jaws prevent internal hose linings from destruction.
  • Lightweight easy for handle, non-conductive and rust-proof for safety.
  • For accurate pinch/clamping. Great for use on brake hoses, fuel hoses, gas lines, coolant hoses, radiator hoses, lawnmower fuel gas lines and more!

- Material: Nylon
- Color: Red
- Size:
- Length (Opening Range):
150mm (0 - 15mm)
180mm (0 - 30mm)
250mm (0 - 60mm)
- Package Included: 3 pcs Fluid Hose Clamp