Halloween Skeleton LED Mask

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  • Nobody likes to wear the worst mask of the whole party … Chiefly when you want to impress people!

    Halloween Skeleton LED Mask, Halloween Skeleton LED Mask

    INTRODUCING OUR NEW Halloween Skeleton LED Mask! It’s, without doubt, the Best Investment you can make to improve your costume. Approved by Hundreds of Costumers! Produced with a combination of our own Resistant PVC Materials, and THE BEST Led technology! In contrast to other brands of Costumes, we have used recycled materials and reviewed them on many experts in order to guarantee our Customers. THE BEST WAY to look terrifyingly perfect!

    Halloween Skeleton LED Mask, Halloween Skeleton LED Mask

    • Easy to Employ: Merely put it like an ordinary mask! No one will recognize you and will give you an air of intrigue…
    • Seamless: Handy and NO damaged products
    • Powder Resistant: Powder DOESN’T alter its effectivenessdo not worry about keeping the Mask on closets/boxes, the powder won’t affect its effectivity!
    • Natural materials: it’s important to Have The Best Halloween Mask, but also better with ecological materials, that’s why it Costs Less than other brands. 
    • For a Long Time: our mask works for 3 months (works with aa batteries) and it will be perfect for next party!       
    • Economic: Keeps you away from Expensive costume shops!

    Material: plastic

    Color: blue, red, fluorescent green, pink

    Battery specifications: two sections of AA battery

    Package Included: 1 glowing mask