Ice Sweeper

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Winter Wonderland is amazing... except when it covers your entire ride until all you can see is a big car-shaped mound of ice-cold snow. Frustrating, right?

Well, fret no more! This handy Ice Sweeper is here to solve your dilemma.

Every Car Owner Needs This For Winter!!!

High Strength Dual Purpose Ice Remover

Easily remove thin or thick ice and snow off your car!
  • Brush (top) for sweeping.
  • Shovel (bottom) for scraping.

Gentle Yet Powerful Silk-Like Bristles

Easily sweeps the ice-covered surface clean without damaging the car paint or glass!

Comfortable Padded Grip Handle

Designed for a relaxing ice-sweeping experience!

High-Quality Construction

Built with durability in mind, it’s resistant to heat and cold as well as chemical and electrical properties.

Don’t let the snow swallow your car into an ice-cold mound...

Shove away the traces of winter with one quick swipe using this Ice Sweeper! Try it NOW!!!


Main Material/s: ABS, PP Plastic, & EVA Cotton

Size: Approx. 60 x 20 x 10 cm

Net Weight: About 300g

Color: Blue (model # 7412)

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Ice Sweeper