Ikidzo™ - Handmade Professional Boning Knife

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  • Boning meat with a professional chef's boning knife is a luxury that every cook deserves. 

    We've all had disasters in the kitchen when trying to cut too boney meat with our old blunt knives. That is a problem that we can now avoid with this Ikidzo handmade professional boning knife. 

    This is a kitchen knife that can do it all. It doesn't just butcher boney meat, you can cut any type of vegetable with it and even fish. 

    It was made by professional blacksmiths with traditional Japanese knifemaking techniques, which are proven to be one of the best ways of creating a steel knife. 

    The large and sturdy blade is made of Su Steel and Carbon Steel that have gone through several forging procedures to make the blade extremely sharp, strong, and durable. 

    The beautiful handle is made of Plywood and it balances the tough blade perfectly. It is very comfortable for the hand grip and ensures an efficient cutting process without hurting your hands. 

    Make sure to never leave it soaking in the sink for too long, wash by hand and always dry it after cleaning. Store it away from children and pets. 

    A though professional boning knife that can withstand any kind of regular use, is a knife that all of us need! 


    Additional Details 

    Total Length: 340 mm

    Blade Length: 230 mm

    Blade Width: 70 mm

    Blade Thickness: 4.0 mm

    Blade Material: Su Steel, Carbon Steel

    Handle Material: Plywood