IKIJAI™ - Professional Japanese Double Pan

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The IKIJAI™ Double Sided Pan allows easy and convenient flipping.

FDA approved with a silicone seal to lock in moisture for juicier and more tender food while preventing unwanted smoke and smells. Perfect for steak, fish, omelettes, baked potatoes, roasted vegetables and more. 

Imagine frying fish and steak without oil splattering and smoke. 

Easy built-in magnetic on the handle to keep two halves shut. Made with quality and tough non-stick coating.


Since IKIJAI™ invented Double Pan there are thousands of imitation in the market, only an authentic IKIJAI™ Double Pan guarantee the best quality and durability.



Dimensions W300mm x L230mm (430mm with handle) x D58mm
Body thickness  5mm
Weight  About 1.5kg
Body material  Aluminium (97% purity)
Interior coating 3x Ceratinum coating
Exterior coating Ceramic coating
Handle material Bakelite, strong magnets 
PFOA Flawless PFOA 0% 
Hobs compatibility Gas, electric, ceramic and halogen
Happycall Diamond
Dishwasher safe