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Are you worried about your cat's dental health? Cleaning your cat's teeth is important. As they grow older, Tartar and Plaque build up on their teeth...

Have an easy, fun & effortless way to clean your cat's teeth with the Interactive Cat Dental Toy!

This NEW plaything for your furry friend is designed to do just that!

CLEANS TEETH & MASSAGES GUMS - Silicone nubs and nodes leave them with clean teeth and healthy gums as they chew on.

REDUCES ANXIETY & BOREDOM - Cats become active and alert due to the catnip's effect. Catnip has a strong, aromatic fragrance that cheers up your cats and they can hardly tear themselves away from it.

EASY REFILL - Just insert catnip pods and immediately attract their attention.

DURABLE - Made of premium soft but strong silicone material that won't tear easily.

EASY TO CLEAN - Just wash under tap water then dry with cloth or tissue.

Keep your feline's teeth clean the fun way! Grab the Interactive Cat Dental Toy Now! 


Material/s: Silicone

Available Colors: Blue / White / Pink

Size: 17cm x 2.5cm


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