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Ironing Mat

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Ironing Mat

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Portable Ironing Mat For Quick And Easy Ironing!

Never drag out your bulky ironing board ever again! Iron anytime, anywhere with the Quick Iron™ Ironing Mat for a quick and hassle-freeironing experience!


Transform Any Surface Into An Instant Ironing Board
A standard ironing board takes up precious space in your closet. Replace it today with this simple roll up mat! With  Iron mat, you can iron your clothes on top of the kitchen counter, washer, dryer, dining room table, and even on the bed! 

Guarantees Safe Ironing With Heat Resistant Padding
Made with high-quality polyester-cotton fabric, the Ironing Mat heat resistant padding protects your garments from high heat levels of up to 500°F. You never have to worry about burning your clothes, the ironing mat, or even the surface underneath!

Reversible Sides Designed For All Garments
With its reversible design, you can use the Ironing Mat for all types of garments! Its plain, non-quilted side comes in handy for ironing lighter fabrics like shirts and blouses. For heavier fabrics, use the quilted side for a more even heat distribution! 

Ultra-Lightweight And Flexible: Carry Anywhere You Go!
Take the Ironing Mat with you anywhere you go! Its portable and lightweight designmakes it perfect for traveling and easy storage. Save space when you roll up the mat, fold it flat, or even hang it in your closet! 

Roll out the Ironing Mat for an instant ironing board, or roll up for easy storage. Ironing has never been this easy!

Doubles As Protective Padding For Washer And Dryer Tops
Make the most of the Ironing Mat even when it’s not in use! Use it as a protective paddingto keep your washer and dryer free from dust, scratches, and other minor damages.

This is a must-have if you live in a small apartment with limited closet space for a full-size ironing board. The flat side is perfect for my thinner pieces! I’ve used this on the bed and on a counter. The fabric also feels thick and sturdy. No more using towels for me!”

Why Choose Ironing Mat Ironing Mat?

  • Heat Resistant Padding - Protects garments from high heat levels of up to 500°F
  • Lightweight And Portable - Foldable and convenient to use anywhere
  • Easy Storage - Can be rolled up or folded for space-saving storage
  • Reversible Sides - Plain and quilted sides are designed for all types of garments
  • Doubles As Protective Padding - Keeps surfaces free from dust and scratches
  • 48 x 85 cm Surface Area - Its surface area is greater than most standard ironing boards


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