Jewelry Cleaning Spray

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No more tolerate of your jewelry getting tarnished!

Jewelry Cleaning Spray restores a sizzling and brand new look effectively in 1 minute.

Jewelry Cleaning Spray, Jewelry Cleaning Spray

Formulated with an expert combination of hydrogen peroxide and suede fabric, the Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Cleaner safely cleans all kinds of jewelry materials such as diamond, silver, and gold.

Jewelry Cleaning Spray, Jewelry Cleaning Spray

The ammonia-free solution allows a deep clean without harming your jewelry. Restore a shiny coating on the surface last for 12 months!

Jewelry Cleaning Spray, Jewelry Cleaning Spray

  • Non-Toxic Solution:
    100% non-toxic and biodegradable, safe to use.
  • Universal Use:
    Can be used on a variety of jewelry types including gold, palladium, diamond, e.t.c.
  • Long-Lasting Shine
    Prevent tarnishing from reforming last for 12 months.
  • Won’t harm uncoated metals surfaces:
    No ammonia or harsh chemical. Safe for you and your jewelry.

Weight: 80g

Size: 70*25*25mm

Specification: 50ml