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Kidgard™ Baby Hair Electric Trimmer

Kidgard™ Baby Hair Electric Trimmer

Kidgard™ Baby Hair Electric Trimmer

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No More Fear to Baby Hair Cutting!

Want to get your baby’s hair trimmed but they don’t want their head being touched by other people? Do the trimming yourself gently and safely with the Kidgard™ Baby Hair Electric Trimmer.

The Kidgard™ Baby Hair Electric Trimmer is designed with a sleek wand and R-type knife head for quick and easy trimming. It has a lightweight and compact body with a quiet motor so you can easily control it while trimming your baby’s hair without waking them up from their sleep


  • Perfect For Baby Hair Cut:
    Our trimmer feels like nothing when cutting your baby's hair, so your baby won't fear hair cutting anymore! 

  • Gentle & Safe:
    Baby hair trimmer is made of hypoallergenic materials that are gentle and safe to your baby’s skin.

  • R-Type Knife Head:
    40% more blade exposure than the standard blades for rapid cuts.
  • Quiet Motor:
    Trim your baby’s hair while they are sleeping without waking them up with noise.

  • Multifunction:
    You can also use it to shape your brows, put designs on adult hair, and to trim and shape your husband’s mustache and beard.

  • Portable:
    Easy to bring anywhere and use anytime with its lightweight and compact body.
  • Easy to Clean:
    Detachable Blade makes you clean it much easier, no more hair stuck between blades now.


  • Materials: ABS, Stainless Steel
  • Size: 130mm X 90mm


  • 1x Kidgard™ Baby Hair Electric Trimmer
  • 1x Mini Comb
  • 1x Cleaning Brush

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