Magnetic Wristband

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  • A true hands-free solution, you won’t need to shift around searching for a drill bit, risking a potentially fatal fall.

    It features adjustable velcro helping to fit most sized wrists. It’s probably the Best Investment you can make for your long-term efficiency. Designed by a team of EliteUnlike other brands of wristband, we have used the best breathable materials and tested it on many people, to ensure safety

    Magnetic Wristband, Magnetic Wristband

    • Easy to Use: Simply put it around your wrist like a regular bracelet! 
    • The magnetic wristband is made of 100% polyester and waterproof design.
    • The comfortable material can give the skin a better feeling and won’t be easily sensitive.
    • The special material makes the weight of the wristband lighter and allows you to work more freely.
    • The knitted filling mesh design is adopted in the wrist contact area to keep our wrist ventilated and comfortable during working.
    • The magnetic wristband features a double velcro design that allows our wristbands to fit on different wrist sizes.
    • The double-layer design allows securing the wrist strap under severe movements without worrying about the fall of the wrist strap during work.

    Magnetic Wristband, Magnetic Wristband

    It is not only a work helper for men but also a good helper for women when doing knitting work.

    • Strongly adsorption of various magnetic tools, screw drill bolts and nails. It will not fall off easily under severe shaking.
    • With it, you don’t have to put your nails in your mouth or pockets at work. It is your job to become more organized and improve your’s efficiency!

    Material: ballistic Polyester

    Size: 370*90*10mm

    Package Included: 1  x Magnetic Wristband.