Maternity Stretch Marks Removal Cream

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Stretch marks, skin discoloration, and flaps after pregnancy are a reality you have to contend with, just like diaper changes and all-nighters!

Worry no more! Now you can focus more on your new bundle of joy than on your skincare routine with this amazing product...

100% All- Natural Cell Repairing Ingredients

Formulated with MANGO ESSENSE, CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT, GLYCEROL, SQUALENE, & ALLANTOIN to help heal stretch marks in the deeper layers of your skin while keeping the upper layers soft and supple!

Promotes Repair & Regeneration

It instantly removes with ease heavy pregnancy marks & discolorations AND gives you that much-needed collagen boost to further enhance skin tone & elasticity! Bring back that soft, fair, youthful skin NOW!

Non-greasy & Easily Absorbed

Its formulation is mild and easily absorbed by your skin and deeply moisturizes it alleviating itchiness!

One application in the morning and one application in the evening provides continuous healing for pregnancy stretch marks & discoloration.


Main Ingredient/s: Mango Essense, Centella Asiatica Extract, Glycerol, Squalene, & Allantoin

Net Weight: 40g


This MATERNITY STRETCH MARKS REMOVAL CREAM is the perfect beauty helper for new moms!