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Mini Lazy Innerwear Washboard

Mini Lazy Innerwear Washboard

Mini Lazy Innerwear Washboard

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Ask anyone in the undergarment business, and they'll tell you: To preserve their life cycle, bras, underwear, and socks should be laundered with care — hand-washing and air-drying is best.

This lovely small plastic washboard integrates a basin and a washboard, making it a convenient and practical way for cleaning small items at homes such as baby clothes, towels, masks, underwear, socks, vests, scarves, and much more.


Unique Groove Design
The uneven washboard surface has a multiple groove design to make washing the innerwear and small objects easier, more convenient to use, and save more effort.

Durable and Strong
This washer is designed with a thick material design with a strong bearing capacity. The bottom and rims are reinforced for extended durability and durable use.

Environmental Protection Material
This all-in-one washtub is made from food grade PP ingredients that are tasteless, odorless, non-allergic, and not easily damaged, thus will not hurt your hands. Perfectly safe for your kids. A trimmed washboard allows you to scrub dirt without the use of harsh chemicals.

Non-Slip Design
The non-slip design at the bottom keeps the washtub steady and firm. Has a peripheral crimping design, making it easy to move and pour water with both hands.

Easy to Use and Versatile
This plastic washbowl with a combined wash bucket is an ideal way for your toddler to wash small items at home such as cloth, pants, baby clothes, towels, scarves. The basin bowl can be easily cleaned after use.


Product Type: Innerwear Washboard
Commodity Material: ABS+PP
Product Weight: 363g
Product Size: 32cm*8cm*8.5cm
Available Colors: Pink, Blue

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