Mobile Screen Magnifier

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  • Did you know that MOBILE PHONES can INFLUENCE our NERVOUS SYSTEM? Apart from cancer risk, they may cause headaches, decreased attention, shortness of temper, sleep disorders and depression. They say that LOOKING at the PHONE SCREENS for TOO LONG can lead to difficulty focusing, eye discomfort, blurred vision, and dry eyes.

    But what about the adults and kids who loved to watch movies and videos using their phones? We have the solution to help PREVENT this bad cause from mobile screens while NOT stopping them to use their phones. Introducing the MOBILE SCREEN MAGNIFIER.

    MOBILE SCREEN MAGNIFIER is a FOLDABLE BOX that has a SCREEN MAGNIFIER that INCREASES the VIEWING size by 3 to 5 TIMES. It has a CLOSED design on ALL SIDES to LOCK the LIGHT and IMPROVE the SCREEN BRIGHTNESS and EFFECTIVELY prevents screen reflection.

    The MAGNIFYING GLASS has a HIGH DEFINITION of OPTICS TECHNOLOGY that makes the PICTURE in the screen CLEAR and REALISTIC. It has RADIATION PROTECTION, ANTI-FATIGUE, AND ANTI-UV makes it VERY SAFE to kids, pregnant women, elderly.

    MOBILE SCREEN MAGNIFIER is LIGHTWEIGHT and EASY to carry. The box can EASILY be shrink/collapse and you can ADJUST the ZOOM according to the size of your phone. It has a wide range of phone compatibility.


    Mobile Screen Magnifier

    • Material: ABS, PVC Lens
    • Color: Black
    • Screen Size: 8.2inch
    • Magnifier Size: 180*150*40*mm /7.07*5.9*1.57”
    • Net weight: 125g /4.41oz

    Package Included: 
    • 1x Mobile Screen Magnifier