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Monster Truck Double Sided

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Monster Truck Double Sided

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You need this car, it’s the dream of all ages!

It sounds great to race the cars with your children or just let them play the racing games with their friends.

This car is also an enormous monster truck which is not only a toy but also a tool that promotes outdoor playing and family bonding.

Monster Truck Double Sided, Monster Truck Double Sided

You will be greatly satisfied with its off-road running performance. You won’t regret to take one.

BACKYARD READY: This rock crawler Transforming Stunt Car toy is equipped with large tires with good grip tread that delivers incredible climbing performance. This stunt car is specially designed to conquer outdoor rough surfaces.Monster Truck Double Sided, Monster Truck Double Sided

2 WALKING METHODS: Kids can either drive this monster truck low and steady for smooth surfaces or rise the chassis to deal with all kinds of obstacles/ terrain. With just one press of the function button, the stunt car will automatically transform.

Monster Truck Double Sided, Monster Truck Double Sided

DOUBLE-SIDED RUNNING: Never worry about turning over during play or a race for this Remote-Control RC Transformer Stunt Car can run on both sides.

Monster Truck Double Sided, Monster Truck Double Sided

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: This product is equipped with a 4.8V 600mAh Ni-Cd rechargeable battery pack with a charge time of about 2-3 hours and gives you about 20 Minutes of play time per charge. A USB charger is included.

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