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Moving & Lifting Straps

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Moving & Lifting Straps

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The Moving & Lifting Straps is a single or two-person lifting device that is adjustable and functional to carry variety of objects around the home, yard, or workplace.

Moving lifting Straps, Moving & Lifting Straps

Works perfectly for furniture, boxes, mattress, construction materials or any heavy, bulky objects up to 600 lbs.

Designed by physical therapists with the ergonomic design encourages proper body mechanics to make lifting objects safer and easier

Moving lifting Straps, Moving & Lifting Straps


Adjustable Straps – Extra wide 6″ strap with length adjustable from 3′ long to 6′ long.

Moving lifting Straps, Moving & Lifting Straps

  • It helps reduce the risk of injury by employing proper body mechanics and leverage to make lifting objects safer and easier.
  • From moving furniture, and mattresses, to carrying smaller items like firewood, mulch or boxes,
  • It easily lifts it all.

  • Its versatility makes it great for moving, but also perfect for working in the yard, around the house or in the office.

Color: Black 

Size: 10 x 19 x 22 cm

Strap Length: 92 – 182 cm (adjustable)

Capacity: 600 lbs

Package include: 1 x Moving & Lifting Straps

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