Multi-function Slope Measuring Instrument

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  • The graduated rotating wheel is used to adjust the position of the bubble in the level pipe. Clear scale, a large number of the readable disc, easy to read. 

    A new direction for slope measurement, Using high – strength double – weight standard leveling ring.

    Made of ABS engineering material, solid and durable. 
    With Precision indicator, clear dial, accurate measurement.

    The handle is user-friendly, comfortable to hold and easy to use.

    It can be applied to multi-scenario practical operation.

    Multi-function Slope Measuring Instrument

    How To Use:
    • Turn the rotary wheel to align the pointer with the slope (angle).
    • Touch the measuring surface of the measuring instrument to the set item and move the set item until the level tube bubble is centered.

    Multi-function Slope Measuring Instrument

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Multi-function Slope Measuring Instrument.