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Newest IP67 Waterproof LEMFO™ T89 AI Smart Watch with Bluetooth Earphone

Newest IP67 Waterproof LEMFO™ T89 AI Smart Watch with Bluetooth Earphone - Broadwaytrending Shop

Newest IP67 Waterproof LEMFO™ T89 AI Smart Watch with Bluetooth Earphone

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Combination of 5.0 true wireless earbuds and fitness tracker Watch. Let the functions of the two combine. Not only a smart bracelet, but also a noise canceling Bluetooth Headset, it reduces noise from outside, you can enjoy stereo music.


Wireless earbuds with Ai smart, single or two simultaneous use, heart rate test, blood pressure test, step counting, mileage, consumption, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, raised wrist screen, WeChat, SMS push,Take a photo and so on.


after receive the bracelet ,please charging first.Because after a long period of logistics, the watch has a low battery Before using, scan the QR code on the manual to download the app and connect it to the watch with APP.


Q1: How to deal with the upgrade failure?

A1: If the initial upgrade fails, please reconnect the "AMK" device to the APP, and the system will automatically remind you to upgrade.


Q2: Where do I set the APP permissions?

A2: Android Phone - Settings - Rights Management - Find "AMKang" App - Set to trust this software. If the phone has a security management class or an application for cleaning up the acceleration class, set "AMKang" to whitelist (trust list)

Q3: How to set the time display mode?

A3: The device displays the time display mode of the mobile phone. When the mobile phone is set to 12 hours, the device is displayed as a 12-hour system.

Q4: There is a call on the device, but there is no sound in the headset after the connection?

A4: There will be a delay on the Bluetooth headset when you call, you can answer it after a few rings. If the call is connected through the mobile phone, please check whether the voice channel is a mobile phone or a headset on the mobile phone. If the mobile phone needs to switch to the earphone, the default is to follow the principle of which device is connected to which device to answer.

Q5: I wear headphones, but I can't hear the ringtone when I call.

A5: Please make sure that the headset and mobile phone are within the effective Bluetooth connection distance. If the mobile phone is connected to many Bluetooth devices, please clear the invalid connection in the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone.

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